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Create DateNov 16, 2021

Bulk Email Software With 960 Million Bulk Email List
Always one good quote said that " Money Is In Your List ". I will provide you with 960 million bulk email list with Bulk mailing software.

Let's We see what is the bulk email software and its features:

Bulk emailing software ease our work with helping in send message with good non-spamming template and manage our list efficiently.

Bulk mailer consists of three sending modes.

Direct Sending Mode.

Relay Sending Mode.

Burst Sending Mode With Unlimited Email Accounts.

It also gives full details about sent messages with the report and it has the ability to resend the failed message.

Bulk Mailer consists of bulit in SMTP( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ). To increase the delivery rate of your email markeing in your customer inbox during bulk mailing you should use smtp server with reputable Internet Protocol (IP) address.

I will tell where to get free and cheap SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to send unlimited emails.

If you want I will give free script to install the email server in your ubuntu server. It autmatically resolves DNS (Domain Name Server), DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mail), DMARC (Domain Based Message Authentication, Reporting And Conformance).

And SPF (Sender Policy Framework). This features helps to increase the deliverability of your message. This script resolve this features in one click and create your complete mail server in your own ubuntu server.

The most important features of bulk mailer is tracking your email opening and gives report about opening data such as in which country customer open the email. It gives complete email tracking solution.

Bulk Mailer helps to manage your list efficiently and give good html template to reduce spam score.

Features of Bulk Mailing Software:

Bulk mailing software esatablish 500 connections at one and same time. Computer with good configuration can send upto 20000 email message in one hour.

Bulk Mailing software provides relay sending mode. Due to security reason some of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) close the port 25 and put restriction in sending the mass email. But Bulk mailer uses your existing ISP (Internet Service Provider) email setting to send the email. You can choose covenient mode to mass email.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Relay mode helps to send mass email without any restriction.

Bulk Mailing has efficient list management with edit, remove and dupicate the list.

It provides html template. You can edit the template according to your need.

This is the description and features of this Bulk mailing software

I will give this software for cheap $20.

If you did not satisfy, I will return your money!

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